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About Us

We are an international group of educators and agilists who, through our own experiences with agile, are convinced that an agile mindset and agile values are useful affordances as we all work toward educating children for their unpredictable futures.


Some in the agile in education movement have practiced agile in their software or corporate jobs and see its application in education. Some teachers have bumped up against agile practices and started to pull its way of thinking and working into their classroom. Still other educators have built entire programs and schools around the idea.

Whatever led you here, we would like to welcome you into a community of agile practitioners who are all trying to figure it out - “it” meaning something different to different people, but in general, “it” being a way to reimagine school, and the practices of teaching and learning, in an iterative manner with fewer carrots and sticks and a culture of high frequency, low stakes feedback. The shift in mindset is applicable in a single unit in a single class or for an entire program or school. The shift in mindset could also be a small revolution for what school could be.

Whatever level your involvement, we think that schools need you!

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