Agile in the Classroom

Peak Challenges

  • Peak Challenges hosts practices of EDgility and based largely on teaching and learning at a grade 7 to 12 Swiss boarding school. Supported and sponsored by Container4, who have a strong interest in supporting new educational approaches - including Agility in Schools.

Teaching Your Way Around the World

New Relic Blog

  • The company New Relic has a blog-post explaining its collaboration with the State of Oregon and its interest in agility.

Scrum Translations for Educators

Agile Minds in the Making

  • Agile Minds in the Making is a blog and more by Jessica, a United States government teacher. Her motto is “Rejuvenating education one day at a time.”

Core Education

  • is translating scrum for the classroom, based on schools visits in The Netherlands. It has two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Three Teachers Talk